Prospective regression hypnosis clients often mistakenly believe that in-person regression hypnosis sessions are more powerful than online ones. This is simply not true. Many clients even find that having their regression hypnosis session in a space of distinct significance to them greatly enhances the personal experience. Here are some pointers to ensure your online regression hypnosis session is as profoundly beautiful as possible.

Environment and location

If possible, have your session within your home or a space that represents peace, love, harmony and tranquility to you. In today’s world, complete silence is often difficult to achieve and this is fine. As long as background noises are not deafening, they can be used quite effectively to deepen your level of trance. Hotel rooms are an option for sessions, but be warned that the presence of multiple energy vibrations in the same space could diminish the overall effectiveness of your session.

I facilitated regression hypnosis sessions in some pretty noisy places before. Sometimes the audio cut out through dropping internet connections and bad earphones, yet those clients still went on to enjoy pretty magnificent results following their sessions. To ensure that you benefit optimally from our online session, I listed a few helpful pointers below.

Be sure to be very comfortable

During in-person regression hypnosis sessions, where you come to meet with me, I do all that I can to ensure that you are as comfortable as possible. With that being said, around 95% of my regression hypnosis sessions are conducted online with great success via Zoom. The benefit of booking such a session is that you get to have a video recording of your session for keeps. Some clients prefer not to be seen and I am perfectly okay with that. Load onto your Zoom profile the image you are comfortable with having on your session’s recording and simply write me a note in the section provided when booking your regression hypnosis session online with me. Audio recordings are provided for in-person sessions. Remember, hypnosis is a state of deep relaxation that allows heightened focus of the mind, so really double down on your comfort. I’m pretty chilled with you wearing whatever is most comfortable for you, as long as it sufficiently covers all areas that requires covering outside in the general public.

Ensure that you have a stable internet connection

Life happens and I fully accept this. However, please do all that you can to ensure that you have a stable internet connection, which will remain stable throughout our online regression hypnosis session. There is no need to be afraid that you may get stuck in the hypnotic trance if we do loose connection for any reason. In the direct instructions given to your mind during the hypnotic induction process, your consciousness is given direct instruction to wake you up fully if for whatever reason you need to become fully conscious or we loose connection.

Use quality earphones

One of the biggest detriments to gaining optimally from your hypnosis session is bad quality earphones. Most earphone sets coming with mobile devices are usually adequate. We just need to be able to hear each other clearly even if either of us speak at a low volume. A good idea is to test your earphones prior to our session by recording audio through them and listening to it playing back through these again. To make double sure, you can also conduct a live online call with someone else who will give you honest feedback on the sound quality of your headset or earphones and internet connection.

Keep the lighting low

We make a very personal connection during sessions. You allow me the honour of assisting you to investigating your beautiful soul, to help you unlock your own incredible birthright potential and release that which does not serve you positively. You may prefer to be in a space of lower lighting, if possible. This in itself gently comforts the mind.

How many session do you need?

A common question is how many of these superb sessions you should have in order to begin benefiting from its many advantages. The answer is one. Some of my clients do return for followup sessions, but this is usually as a direct result of wonderful life growth following their initial session. Someone might book a first regression hypnosis session with me to overcome the hindrances to their desired growth, perhaps they just experienced spiritual awakening. Six to eight months later they may schedule another session, but this time because they are now ready to take on new challenges, like starting their own business, going back to school or opening up to love again for example. They are ready for beautiful new growth. This is the wonder of regression hypnosis sessions. It strongly activates your potential.

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