Can Tarot Help me Find my Twin Flame?

Can Tarot Cards Tell if Someone is Your Twin?

“The two lovers walked among the willow trees, and the oneness of each was a language speaking of the oneness of both; and an ear listening in silence to the inspiration of love; and a seeing eye seeing the glory of happiness. “Astarte has brought back our souls to this life so that the delights of love and the glory of youth might not be forbidden us, my beloved.” Kahlil Gibran

Can you ask the tarot cards if someone is your twin flame or can this ancient practice help you connect to yours? The short answer is yes, yet it’s a little more intricate than this. I have been a tarot reader for 2 decades now. One thing I came to understand quite clearly, is that everyone is interested in finding that one true love. All individuals walking this planet share the natural animalistic desire to share their life with that very special divine counterpart. This is normal and perfectly acceptable.

Sometimes we may say we do not care for love or do not need it. In my experience, this kind of talk usually derives from past or current pain a person wishes to get away from or not risk repeating again. In these situations, we usually begin to tell ourselves that we do not need or want love. The problem is, this reasons more often than not stems from a broken heart, which never makes for a happy personal story anyway. The good news is that tarot most certainly can help you out of this unpleasant situation.

Before looking at some of the wonderful ways in which the tarot can support the journey of your heart’s truest desires, let’s first address what a twin flame connection truly is. Twin flames are sometimes referred to as our “mirror soul” because it is in many ways a reflection of your authentic self. Twin flame connections are intense. They are the other half of your soul expressed in human form really, which is why separation from our twin flames feels intense, overwhelming and often impossible to cope with, because you are effectively in search of part of yourself.

Twin Flame Love Connections Are Intense

“The more I get to know him, the more I can feel my heart opening without my control. I always wanted a man to look at me as if I were a miracle, but I didn’t realise I would one day see a man just as grande.” Nikki Rowe

Twin flame love connections are pretty intense. One of the main reasons why twin flame relationships can be so super challenging is because you cannot put a blinder on this situation. You and your twin flame share an authentic connection, regardless of whether you are currently together, not together or even know each other. Somehow, you are always able to pick up on each other’s energetic space of mind and you most definitely affect each other on the truest of levels. Remember, you are one soul split into two. Think of it almost as the mother child bond; the child is effectively a separate being that was once physically part of the mother. But can they ever truly be completely divided from one another…?

What makes the twin flame connection challenging is that you cannot deceive each other. Two people who still have unresolved issues within themselves might be able to fool everyone quite effectively, but not their twin flame. Even if the two of you are meeting for the first time, you will not be able to draw an illusion over this other person’s eyes. The depth of your connection runs that deep, naturally. This is what makes the connection so intense. It is literally like meeting your doppelgänger. The experience can be unnerving, exciting, confusing, exhilarant and a million other strongly flowing emotions, all at once.

Twin flames often spent many lifetimes together, but also many apart. Think of this uniquely special connection as a love story continuing throughout the ages in the form of many lifetimes. Like any romantic connection, there will be ups and down. On a karmic level, these could be huge. Past life regression hypnosis is an excellent modality for gaining clarity and achieving soul level energy healing and balancing, in these instances. Vows made in past lives or unresolved cosmic rifts between twin flames could also cause major connection problems in this lifetime.

How Tarot Can Help Your Twin Flame Connection

Remember that the Tarot is a great and sacred arcanum – its abuse is an obscenity in the inner and a folly in the outer. It is intended for quite other purposes than to determine when the tall dark man will meet the fair rich widow.” Jack Parsons

Tarot is a divinatory tool, meaning it is a way through which the universe can communicate with us, similarly to writing us a very detailed letter. Valuable as I find YouTube readings to be, it has vastly contributed to the idea that someone else needs to start or stop doing something, in order for you to enjoy a blissful heartwarming connection with your twin flame. This places your need to feel safe to love squarely within the hands of someone else’s decisions and actions. Tarot guidance is about your energy and your path of life. Tarot is about how your human actions and energetic alignment affects your experience of life. That is what my YouTube channel AHN Great Life Tarot & Hypnosis guidance focuses on. Trust me, you don’t want to force a connection between yourself and your twin flame when both of you are not fully ready.

One of the biggest myths I would like to bust, right here and right now, is that finding the one is not going to resolve all your problems. It will not make everything in life suddenly work for you. True, life is definitely so much better when we get to share it with our divine counterpart and you should never experience the need to apologise for wanting true love in your life, because it really, really does rock! But when we are not ready for the connection, even the most divine twin flame connection will only bring tears and pain, often absolutely disaster.

Tarot helps you find the blockage to your twin flame connection, which may very well be within you. Of course, it could also be that your divine counterpart still needs to work on certain areas in their life. Either way, tarot is excellent at helping you reach that wonderful space of being fully ready to enter into a high level love commitment that serve both your hearts fantastically.

A tarot reading could offer great clarity on personal matters on confusion. Tarot readers worth their salt, always provide clear direction for moving forwards, successfully. It is unfortunately true that not all psychic practitioners have your best interest at heart, especially the ones who want to give you the sort of reading that makes you want to leave a good review, refer their friends or come back for another reading. My advice is that you follow your intuition and go with the tarot reader who feels right to you. This is your life, heart, feelings and emotions being dealt with here. It remains deserving of the highest integrity, only!!!

Twin Flame Connection Truths

“When i was a little boy, I needed my speedracer nightlight plugged into its wall outlet next to the bed to keep me calm in the darkness, so i could relax and fall asleep…now as a grown man, i find that i am no different, just my nightlight is now a person.” Bodhi Smith

Twin flame connections are not without their problems. Like any romantic situation, there will be problems to overcome and middle-grounds to be agreed upon. You may not always like what the reader has to say, but if you are having your reading with a tarot reader of integrity, they will tell you what you need to hear and what is in your own best interest. At times, this could mean that your twin flame is just not ready for a love reunion yet. As for love potions; I strongly advice against intervening with another person’s free will for personal gain. You just won’t like the karma.

The danger of forcing a connection with someone who might very well be your twin flame, but either of you just not being fully ready for this destined profound connection yet, is that it often actually drives you two further apart as opposed to bringing you closer together. Your shared soul plan could be that you agreed to meet early in life, spend some time apart and later reconnect in life again. Here’s an unpopular truth many don’t want to hear but need to, you may have decided to spend this lifetime apart. Akashic record readings offer such clarity, which many tarot readers offer and many don’t. I do and it always goes along with spiritual channeling.

Does this mean you may be destined to go through this lifetime without love? Not at all. The idea that one has to be with your twin flame in order to experience that beautiful and special love connection was vastly popularised by those who often wish to make money from our need for unity; same as is the case with Valentine’s Day which in an ancient pagan practice of very different origins and quite a bit of dark history, fuelled by greed. Here is some more on that.

Twin flames often come in to offer clarity. They help your heart find direction and then leave. The simple truth is that the connection is often too intense for most to handle. So, not starring deep into the eyes of your twin flame under the starlight in this lifetime is the furthest thing from the calamity it is far too often made out to be. Your twin flame will often come into your life, shake things up by sending your emotions on a rollercoaster ride, but also helping you to awaken to your own divine potential, your truth and then they leave as suddenly as they appeared.

How a Tarot Reading Can Help You

“He is busy running. He runs away from the truth, from his old wounds, from himself, or after something like wealth, power, or fame.” Lala Agni

If you feel truly ready for the answers to your questions, and it resonates with your core being, book a psychic oracle tarot reading with me. I offer my readings in-person as well as online, during which I tap into your energy field. Whether you are sitting right opposite from me or on the other side of the world is pretty similar to me. Energy is energy and with some training and practice, we can all tap into our own divine connection. You can find out more about my work here and also check out my AHN Great Life Youtube channel for your latest zodiac energy universal guidance.

Tarot reading are about you! It is about the intricacies of your sou’s journey here on Earth, having a human being experience. Too often we give our power away by pining away because someone else is not giving us the love and attention we long to receive from them. But your life is not about others. Your life is about your divine journey and the big magical secret is that the more you invest in yourself, the closer you bring yourself to that amazing love every human heart desires.

Also, when we focus too intensely on a particular unfulfilled desire, we often miss out on incredible opportunities right in front of us. Should you be interested in learning the ancient art of tarot reading for yourself, you may be interested in taking my step by step traditional online Rider-Waite tarot reading course. It will take your law of attraction and understanding your blueprint birthright natural manifestation ability to the very next exciting level. Check out the first few lessons for free.

“This is your karma. You do not understand now, but you will understand later. The source of pain is within your own larger expression of being.” H. Raven Rose

If you are truly interested in finding that special magic that is inside all of us, I would be honoured to support your human journey, which has the potential to absolutely spectacular!!!

Forever love

Adrian Nelson

Conscious living practitioner

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