Conscious Channeling From The Akashic Records Through Divination

The truth is all around you

“A smile is the universal welcome.” Max Eastman

Nothing is hidden from us, ever. It is simply a matter of being able to receive and decipher the information continuously available. You can receive it accurately, via a wide variety of mystical practices, collectively referred to as psychic channeling. It has been done for millennia. The practice is more commonly called divinatory practice or divination. My go to method is the highly reliable tarot, but there are many others.

Along with my skills as a Reiki Master, crystal healer, earth, angel energy communicator, numerologist, enneagram, astrology studies and born psychic gift, I find myself capable of channeling vast volumes of information using the tarot. Regression hypnosis, popularly referred to as past life regression hypnosis and my other personal favourite, aligns your mind directly to the quantum field of all knowing, understanding and infinite possibility, ie. the universe. This enables you to receive clarity firsthand to your big questions in a way you cannot miss the mark. Regression hypnosis has the ability to bring about positive life changes in record time, which is what makes it so popular!

The universe provides abundantly

“All nature wears one universal grin.” Henry Fielding

Where does the information come from? Is it possible to narrow down the whole universal quantum vibe and just simplify things a little bit? Sure, by following the white rabbit a little deeper down the intriguing rabbit hole. This brings us to the cosmic records of all time, the vast tapestry of all that is, was and could prospectively become, across planets, universes, galaxies and civilisations older and wiser than us. The big WHY – the Akashic records – holds these eternal records.

Divination comes in as many ways as there are bright stars in the sky on a clear black night. Everything is connected. Divinatory practice helps us make sense of our current situation, outlines how we reached certain points, offers clarity on prospective paths forward and how those will most likely unfold for us. Plus, the information can be incredibly accurate.

Types of psychic channeling

“Everybody laughs the same in every language because laughter is the universal connection.” Yakov Smirnoff

Classic psychic channeling using a crystal ball, oracle cards reading, tarot spreads, throwing the bones, the Nordic runes, reading the coffee leaves, the tea leaves, stars, lines on an person’s face or their palms… these and many more ways have been applied through the ages to make sense of the universal communication that is never hidden from us. It is simply a matter of being able to decrypt the message through the art of reading and interpreting the messages that have always been there.

The awesome thing about the Akashic records is that they can point out repeated patterns and behaviours leading to the same disappointing outcomes as before. Natural strengths, dormant talents, hidden skills, your life purpose and so much more is information that can be revealed via an Akashic records reading. When clients describe the ecstasy of discovering these hidden gems during regression hypnosis sessions, my heart has no choice but to smile, warmly.

Stand in your divine power

“Resolve to keep happy, and your joy and you shall form an invincible host against difficulties.” Helen Keller

What could possibly be more beautiful than a person experiencing their own divinity…? True psychics, interested in helping you discover, unlock, maintain and expand your highest good in ways that only serve you positively, will tell you what you need to know. Simply put, when we discover lack and limitation is 100% because of our energy alignment. Once you know what is holding you back and have the knowledge on how to proceed from there, you have what it takes to make all your dreams come true.

Marriage to your perfect partner, financial success, career abundance, improved health, emotional and mental state, all this and so much more is your birthright. There is nothing you need to do in order to be worthy of these life possibilities. Karmic lessons we came here to learn or vows made in past lives could be blocking your flow of desired prosperity. For general regular universal guidance, you may wish to visit my AHN Great Life YouTube channel. For personal growth and success, view the options on my AHN Great Life website.

Forever love

Adrian Nelson

Conscious living practitioner

Published by ahngreatlife

Adrian H. Nelson is a holistic wellness practitioner. He specialises in Reiki, Crystal healing, NLP Life coaching, Tarot reading and Spiritual regression hypnosis.

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