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“Every day you wake up and have a second chance to do whatever you want, to be whoever you want. The only thing stopping you, is you.” Jennifer Lopez

Weekly Psychic Zodiac Energy Readings

I am fully committed to supporting humanity to the best of my ability – always! Therefore, I upload weekly psychic oracle and tarot readings for each zodiac sign on my AHN Great Life YouTube channel. Please note that these are general readings, which you can think of like a weather report, offering you universal guidance on beneficial steps to follow for your highest good. Click here for your latest zodiac psychic reading

“You must not only exist in the world, live life.” Lailah Gifty Akita

Discover Your Enneagram Personality

The enneagram is of ancient Greek origin. Where astrology subdivides into 12 personality types, also referred to as the 12 zodiac houses, the enneagram subdivides human personalities into 9 categories. George Gurdjieff the Russian-born mystic, philosopher and spiritual teacher, originally created the enneagram in 1915. But, it was not until the late 1960s that the current 9 pointed enneagram personality system we benefit from today was created.

Every past life regression hypnosis client of mine who opts to take the free enneagram test and share their enneagram personality type with me, benefit even more amazingly from their regression hypnosis with me, regardless of whether this is on online or in-person quantum regression hypnosis session. Take your free enneagram personality test

“You are allowed to be both a masterpiece and a work in progress simultaneously.” Sophia Bush

Your Astrology Birth Chart

2400 Years ago the ancient Babylonians looked at the skies began developing what we today refer to as astrology. 2100 Years ago, astrology travelled to the eastern Mediterranean, becoming quite popular in Egypt. Same as tarot astrology has a rich history and is can assist us as human being in leading a far richer experience of life, granted we are open to its guidance.

You are so much more than just your zodiac sign, also referred to as your sun sign, zodiac energy or star sign. Whilst your sun sign represent your outer personality, your moon sign focuses on your emotional personality and your rising sign indicates how you initiate new beginnings or can move out of situations in life that make you feel stuck and demotivated. To gain a deeper understanding of your sun, moon and rising signs plus so much more, get your free natal chart right now

“I don’t believe in astrology; I’m a Sagittarius and we are skeptical.” Arthur C. Clarke

Psychic Vampires Explained

Many people are highly concerned that they may have energy vampires in their lives. This is a legitimate worry, as energy vampires can block your birthright flow of abundance, life prosperity and success. The simple truth is that other people’s energy do have a profound affect on the quality of life we experience.

In my Crystal Reiki sessions negative energy ties to psychic vampires are released from your aura via angelic cord cutting. This ensures that the negative energetic cords do not reattach again. For a clearer understanding of what a psychic vampire is and to determine if you may possibly have such an energy currently stunting your natural growth potential, watch this video.

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