Hello Beautiful Soul of Infinite Potential

“Everyone can rise above their circumstances and achieve success if they are dedicated to and passionate about what they do.” Nelson Mandela

Long read warning, but this is me laying all my cards on the table. I always thought perfection was a myth, and then I met myself. Blossoming into life as a person with “the gift” makes for an interesting experience, not always pleasant. But I learned to get by. As a child, funerals confused me. Another confusion was that I did not understand the difference between being dead and being alive. To me it was all the same thing. As the years passed, through actively working at loving myself better, better and better, I came to understand that the perfection I sought in life was me, expressing universal possibility in human form.

Psychic ability flows strongly through both family lineages that merged to call forth my creation, as does music, the very essence the soul thrives on for dessert. Money was in short supply and I had to deal with the shame of feeling unworthy because of materialistic shortages. That was some inner child healing I had to really work very hart on healing, because I was always very good at making money but just not very good at holding onto it. Until I got to understand that pattern through my NLP and regression hypnosis coaching and healed that within myself. Now I no longer have that problem and truly appreciate this.

Unlocking My Psychic Gifts

“Fairy tales are more than true: not because they tell us that dragons exist, but because they tell us that dragons can be beaten.” Neil Gaiman

My birth went along with a near death experience, commonly referred to as an NDE. There were some complications and an emergency cesarean needed to be performed as I was choking to death. I always remembered the doubt I experienced as a soul, at the very last moment of fully committing to the earth experience. I also remember experiencing something like a holographic screen flipping around, somewhat above me. I got to understand the repercussions of my decision to pull out of live at this point. There was no judgement and I chose to flow down the tunnel of pure light, towards my choice to move forth with my incarnation intention.

Officially, my conscious spiritual path took off late in 2013. I just returned from Abu Dhabi, feeling like I had lost in my life yet again, still blissfully unaware that I am running from myself. Because of how Norton’s 3rd Law and the law of attraction operates towards eventual manifestation, I was of course feeding the very energy I was trying to escape from, thus co-creating towards the experience I wished to escape from in the first place. On 15 December 2013, the same day as the funeral of Mr Nelson Mandela, I was Shoden Reiki initiated via the process of Usui Reiki attunement. This is the self-care, deep inner healing Level 1 foundational teachings of Reiki. They are focused on aligning one with your true inner identity. I consider it an honour to teach the ancient knowledge of Reiki with whoever is ready to carry the torch of love light forward. Here’s a bit more on my conscious living beliefs….

Okuden Reiki Level 2, the practitioner level, followed in 2014. Towards my journey as a Reiki Master and benefiting personally from Advanced Reiki Teachings (ART), I retook all levels in 2018. This took my journey as a crystal healing student since 2014 to a whole new level. Nowadays I combine these 2 powerful ancient modalities along with angel healing, as a Crystal Reiki session. As my path continued, I expanded on my tarot reading journey which I commenced on in my early early twenties. In 2019, the magic of oracle cards joined my wellness basket. Numerology, astrology, enneagram, past life regression hypnosis, runes reading, cognitive behavioural therapy/CBT, neuro-linguistic programming/NLP life coaching and some other practices followed.

I choose to belief that the entire universe roots for my success. Consequently, I get to live that experience. It’s fantastic beyond. Simple example; calling me bad at technical stuff is a glorious understatement. When I had to complete the technical parts of creating this website I was highly challenged. My fellow Cancer, incredibly helpful , friendly and tech savvy friend (who just “happened” to be visiting Cape Town from Johannesburg) took care of everything for me, chop chop, easy peasy. That’s how life, if you allow it to, can divinely take care of every need you could ever have. It really is just the rest of you helping the human expression of you.

I Love Loving Myself

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving.” Albert Einstein

Growing up mostly on the country, I was privileged with the opportunity of experiencing city living as well as that with no running water, electricity and outside toilets. For a born intuitive such as myself, it was paradise. My parents and safety from all neighbours provided the freedom to experience life without fear. I would take long walks to mountain tops to watch the sun rise and through the thick forest to watch the ocean’s waves break. In the absence of street lights one utilises an interesting natural instinct of never stepping in a puddle of muddy water at night. And the stars – the night skies – it is like one can wrap the milky way around your shoulders. Silence truly is golden!!!

There was this stretch of time in my life, say 2016 to around end of 2019, that live was really challenging for me. I lost my apartment and everything in it. I lost all hope when people I offered a home to and fed stole my dream of being a photographer by pawning my incredibly expensive equipment. I chose photography equipment over buying myself a car. It really, really hurt. Many hurtful things followed in rather close succession. I remember feeling so lost this one day, literally surprised at the reality of how I could feel so utterly without direction in live. Then I saw them, the most gorgeous little creatures, swinging through the trees, protecting their young. Little geniuses, stealing pumpkins from my neighbors’s roof without alerting the dogs in the slightest, in the middle of a bright, sunny day. Let nobody ever convince you that a pack of monkeys cannot be silent as the night. Somehow these little creatures gave me so much hope again, I just cried with joy.

You Are The Light You Seek

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, you’re right.” Henry Ford

What started to happen is most likely the reason that brought you to my website. Welcome. Undoing our own web of non-serving behaviours can be outright terrifying. That is why I practice regression hypnosis. Five years’ hard work through rituals, affirmations and other outsides applications (such as crystals, tachyons and orgonite) can be achieved within a 4 to 5 hours regression hypnosis sessions. Also, the experience is a billion times less painful than needing to extensively dwell in the unsavoury details of your pain in order to heal from it. Plus, it costs a whole lot less. Not bad, won’t you agree?

Helping others find the magic within themselves is my passion. I focus especially on assisting those who are truly ready to open themselves to their greatest life potential, to really experience the joy of living their dreams. There is no such a thing as a heart too broken to heal. I don’t accept that. I know there is light at the end of the tunnel for everyone. I built my life back up from rock bottom. With 850 tablets in my backpack and a liter of vodka, I chose live. The path was challenging, but staying stuck in the repeated cycle of my shadow side was most definitely tougher.

You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay, founder Hay House, made a powerful impact on me. This twice New York Times Bestseller sold over 50 million copies. If you have not read the book yet, I strongly suggest doing so. Codependent No More by Melody Beattie is another definite proposal. Both these books provided me with so much insight and changed my life for the better. Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert is a definite must read if you are struggling to cope with your personal challenges, such as lack of confidence. It really does help one back towards your greatest potential.

You Can Heal Your Life

“Don’t be afraid of shinning a light. Don’t be afraid of being powerful. Don’t be afraid of being more special.” Dolores Cannon

So how did I get into doing what I do? Well, it started with me deliberately taking small steps daily to start crawling out of that deep, dark pit of self-pity and depression I tried to run away from for so many years. It took lots of bravery to accept an invitation to read tarot at a holistic wellness fair back in 2018, but I did it and really enjoyed it. Very much on a roll at this point, I was asked the following year to provide channelled messages to patrons at a monthly good vibes fair. No cards, crystals, runes, just me, tapping in. Very nervously, yet again I agreed. The experience was absolutely amazing.

What does not kill you truly does make you stronger. Thanks to the constant motivation and support of my best friend, AHN Great Life was beginning to do really well. I had high hopes for my future, then Covid-19 went viral. In March 2020, South Africa went into full lockdown. Devastation hit me like a spade, viciously swung through the face. For three weeks I strolled around in a daze, feeling horribly sorry for myself. Then it hit me, it was time to put into practice what I preach.

I started going live on my AHN Great Life Facebook page almost daily. It was such a wonderful way to connect to the outside world, with people and share love. It took a lot of energy from me, but I focused on delivering truly helpful zodiac psychic tarot readings to whoever needed it on my AHN Great Life YouTube channel. Helping others has always been a joy for me. Now I get to do it all every single day, as my job. How truly lucky am I!

You Got What it Takes

“Don’t give up. I believe in you all. A person’s a person. No matter how small.” Dr. Seuss

I know pain. I understand it. It is a personal journey, one that cannot fairly be compared to another person’s. Poverty was the name of the game throughout my childhood. Let me tell you, it absolutely sucked. The sense of lack takes everything from you; self-worth, self-belief, self-respect, self-love. It opens the gate widely to self-doubt, self-hatred, self-harm and self-sabotage. Whether you came to have the experience by poverty, as I have, or as a relationship failing, maybe your entrepreneurial or career plans failed. Perhaps a beloved pet or person died. Whatever happened, at some point it feels as if you are standing alone. You don’t bother to seek support because you have lost all hope, so what would the point be?

You are not alone. We all loose our voice along the way sometimes. In my twenties I had the experience of being pinned down on my own bed, physically powerless to defend myself, with no choice but to endure an older guy taking his pleasure from my defenceless body for as long as he chose to. I trusted him and believed myself to have been in love with him. That was a touch lesson to work through. What better way to confirm to yourself how utterly useless you are than by having something you hate so much happen to you and being totally unable to stop it? But I did not utter the words, I did not say no. I dared not ask, much less demand, him to stop. I was convinced he would not and that would mean that I was being raped. I knew my housemate could hear us and must believe this disrespecting act was with my consent. It was this embarrassment that made me feel completely demoralised.

The point remains; I did not speak up for myself. I did not utilise every last option available to me to defend myself. It was too afraid, too confused. Initially I agreed. At which point did I loose control of the situation? Was I ever in control? Was he right… was this what I wanted all along? Going through that healing journey was hell, but eventually I found the power within myself to forgive myself. We cannot do better than we know. Our parents couldn’t. Nobody can. We learn about life as we walk the path of living. I became obsessed with that guy, practically stalked him to the point where he threatened me with police intervention. Now I understand that I was desperately seeking for approval, which in the end I only could give as a gift to myself.

Ultimately, my goal is to support those who are ready to live their greatest experience of life, find ways of understanding themselves better. The better you understand yourself, the better you are able to love yourself. And the better you are able to love yourself, the more beautiful your life unfolds, like the first flower opening to the sun’s rays. Every flower opening thereafter simply added to the magic. This could be your daily experience of life daily. Follow my blog to know when I shared more of my ideas about life.

You Are Everything Everything is You

“If you could look into the future, would ya?” MIKA

Life is really not that complicated. It is very much a cycle on repeat and we just keep on changing the details because so much is possible. Like the mighty roar of a waterfall or river water trickling across round rocks on their way to the soulful sounds of the majestic ocean, life never gets old. The symphonic expression of life remains forever beautiful, forever young!

An astrologer friend of mine once blew my mind by explaining that in the same way the planets affect us, so does all that we do affect them because there is no separation, only the experience of it. This same friend taught me how to manifest my heart’s desires using the magic of our divine cosmic mother, La Luna, the moon. She conducts the waves of the waters on this globe, this mass of matter speeding through space. Somehow kept in balance, perfectly safe by a divine force that must really care a great deal about us remaining comfortable.

You got what it takes. I know this for a fact. We all form part of how the Earth collectively expresses live in individual perfection. No two blades of grass are alike, nor are two snowflakes. We are ultimately the same. Yet, there are more than 7.5 billion people on this planet today and not one single one shares the exact same DNA pattering you do. Nobody ever has and nobody ever will. You are a bespoke, a limited edition, unique in every way. If one person can do it then literally so can you. This is what I love supporting you with.

Perfection, that is what you are. You are the miracle you seek. Your mere conception and growing from a child who could not feed itself to a person who can now read these words is tremendous growth. That is success right there. Generational conditioning spawned from greed programmed humanity to buy into the misapprehension that we need to suffer greatly in order to be worthy of anything with the merest value in this life. We came to accept that we are inherently evil. But what if that is not true….? What if you are actually phenomenal? “Spectacular spectacular”, as they say in Moulin Rogue.

You are beauty, such gorgeous beauty, and so much more!

Forever Love

Adrian Nelson

Conscious Living Practitioner

Wishing You Many Reasons

To SMILE 🙂 🙂 🙂

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Forever love

Adrian Nelson