The Portal Appears When You Are Truly Ready To Walk Through

“Somewhere between right and wrong there is a garden. I will meet you there.” RUMI

Planet Earth is this harmonious divine living being. Our host planet, the manifestation that makes our being human experience here possible, suffered a lot from the inner pain we expressed upon it. Humanity is spiritually awakening. We are actively merging from the 3D greed-mentality to 5D community reality expression. The transition is challenging, but we are getting better at it, day by day, more and more, all the time.

We are globally awakening to the logical realisation that we are so much more than just our bodies, the beautiful but mere representations of our true incredible nature. The body is like a spokesperson for the true self. We are eternal, as Mika puts it “WE ARE GOLDEN!!!” Shine, the songbird Nianell sings. As we move deeper into the reality that we are everything, we adapt a new form of respect for the Earth, a quiet reference of peace that’s always present. And, we create a better world for the next generation – together πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

I love seeing people win!!! Everything AHN Great Life related focuses on my passion to support my fellow soul family members sharing this human being experience with me. All that I do in my work centres around my goal of contributing in the best way I can towards a kinder world for the next generation. I do this by helping others discover, unlock, develop, expand and maintain healthy manners that will serve only their highest and greatest potential, as an individual actually living life to it’s fullest potential.

Soon we will be the ancestors. Time, which doesn’t really exist, has a way of rolling by fast and when we get distracted by becoming too involved in the details, we sometimes realise too late that we have allowed some golden opportunities to pass us by. The wonderful part about life is that as long as you still have oxygen flowing through your lungs and blood travelling through your veins, there is always some delicious living left to do. I love doing whatever I can to help unlock and expand your unique magic. Also, what kind of ancestor would you like to be referred to as…?

“You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today.” Abraham Lincoln

Adrian Nelson

Conscious living practitioner

Nothing is hidden from you. You are everything and everything is you. Reading these words are you manifesting the experience we two are mutually co-creating and we are doing this together, right now.

We are one. Psychic Tarot Readings are a way of you consciously choosing to make key information known to yourself. These could range from much-required confirmation that you are on the right path to real guidance on how to get back onto your destined path.

Life is a mirror reflection of your inner world. There is a far broader universe within than could ever be expressed without. This is your expanded mind, the precious vault offering clarity from your subconscious.

Everything is simply energy. Taking a microscopic look at absolutely anything in the universe confirms to you that if you look deep enough, you come to find that nothing truly exists. Your life’s potential is as possible as your subconscious mind allows.

Imagine that life is like a game of Mario Brothers. The longer you play it, the better you get at it, from one stage to the next. By overcoming the obstacles to your heart’s desires, healing, growing, whatever words you choose, you get to live them.

“Nothing is impossible, the word itself says I’m possible.” Audrey Hepburn said these words and she managed to live the life she dreamed of. A crucial part of manifestation is the law of surrender. Crystal Reiki transports you into this serene, receptive space.

Tarot is a divinatory tool for reading the records of life, as they pertain to whoever’s energy the tarot reader focuses upon. The messages are drawn from your own energy field, which is really the entire universe. Read more…..

Regression Hypnosis is a 6000+ years practice. Many wise ancients often utilised the positive power of hypnosis. During the calm, focused and fully present state of hypnosis, answers easily reveal themselves to you. Read more…..

Crystal Reiki balances your chakras, cleanses your aura and releases negative energetic attachments from you. If cord cutting is required, it is included in this energy balancing offer. Crystal Reiki beats a day at the spa by far. Read more…..

How we meet

Online via zoom and in-person

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Forever love

Adrian Nelson

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