Conscious Channeling From The Akashic Records Through Divination

Nothing is hidden from us, ever. It is simply a matter of being able to receive and decipher the information continuously available. You can receive it accurately, via a wide variety of mystical practices, collectively referred to as psychic channeling. It has been done for millennia. The practice is more commonly called divinatory practice or divination. My go to method is the highly reliable tarot, but there are many others…..

Can Tarot Help me Find my Twin Flame?

an you ask the tarot cards if someone is your twin flame or can this ancient practice help you connect to yours? The short answer is yes, yet it’s a little more intricate than this. I have been a tarot reader for 2 decades now. One thing I came to understand quite clearly, is that everyone is interested in finding that one true love. All individuals walking this planet share the natural animalistic desire to share their life with that very special divine counterpart. This is normal and perfectly acceptable…..

Everything is going to be alright

ere is no need to panic. Everything is going to be alright. For many years I thought people say these sort of things for lack of knowing what better to say. I actually felt that it was quite a crappy thing to do, giving people false hope. Now I understand that it is a simple statement of truth. In the end, everything is going to be alright….

Psychic Who Loves Champagne

“Champagne is one of the elegant extras in life.” Charles Dickens When I mentioned to a close friend of mine that I was working on creating the website, he asked me if it will include blogs. When I said yes, he got all excited, stating that I have write something personal about myself. HeContinue reading “Psychic Who Loves Champagne”


Prospective regression hypnosis clients often mistakenly believe that in-person regression hypnosis sessions are more powerful than online ones. This is simply not true. Many clients even find that having their regression hypnosis session in a space of distinct significance to them greatly enhances the personal experience. Here are some pointers to ensure your online regression hypnosis session is as profoundly beautiful as possible.

Regression Hypnosis Preparation Tips

What is your intention for having a regression hypnosis session? It might be helpful to get out pen and paper for this one. There are a lot of reasons one might seek a session and understanding exactly why you are booking a session is helpful to you and to your practitioner as well. Some common reasons people have sessions are as follows.